How often should fire extinguishers be serviced?


Published: November 25, 2020

Servicing your fire extinguishers..

Fire extinguisher British Standards state that fire extinguishers must be serviced once a year, and this service must be undertaken by a competent and trained person.

This typically means someone with the relevant BAFE qualifications, or the equivalent.

For businesses, organisations and public buildings, is a British Standard/reform order to ensure all fire extinguishers are serviced every year. Failure to maintain any equipment you provide can result in no insurance payout.

You can find out more about competent people in the workplace, and business fire safety, by following the links below:

How often should fire extinguishers be replaced?

UK fire extinguisher British Standards recommend that water, powder and foam extinguishers should have an extended service, every 5 years, apart from CO2 extinguishers which should be overhauled.

Important note: If a fire extinguisher is damaged, discharged or otherwise unable to be used safely, then it should be replaced or refilled immediately.

Are there any fire extinguisher checks you can carry out yourself?

Absolutely. At least once a week, the responsible person or fire warden should be carrying out a visual check of every fire extinguisher, as its crucial not to wait if issues crop up before the fire extinguisher regular service.

These monthly checks don't take too long, and its a case of ensuring every fire extinguisher is in the correct location, with the right signage, and is not being used as a door stop.

What does a fire extinguisher inspection/service involve?

Checks during the fire extinguisher service include:

  • Is the fire extinguisher in date?

  • Is the fire extinguisher in visually good condition?

  • Is the hose in good working order?

  • Are the instructions on the fire extinguisher legible?

  • Has the fire extinguisher been tampered with?

  • Does the pin work on the fire extinguisher?

  • Is the weight and/or pressure on the fire extinguisher correct?

Your fire extinguisher engineer will be able to advise you on the state of your current fire extinguishers.

Be it fire extinguishers which require replacing, or any additional fire extinguishers which may be needed to adhere to current fire standards.

ISE Fire colour table.

Need more advice on fire extinguishers?

If your business needs advice on fire extinguisher regulations, or you need specific advice for your business, we can arrange for one of our BAFE accredited engineers to visit your premises and carry out a free, no-obligation survey.

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