Fire Safety in the Workplace


Published: October 4, 2019

Fire extinguisher - Fire safety in workplace.

70% of businesses that suffer a major fire are forced to close their business within 3 years of the incident. DON'T BE ONE OF THEM.

These failed businesses took a gamble and lost because they presumed a fire wouldn't happen to them.

Every day that your business doesn't have adequate fire protection is a gamble.

Workplace Fires are more common than you think

Many people and organisations have quite a complacent attitude to fire safety. Not necessarily due to deliberate corner cutting or attempts to save money, but because they believe fires to be an unusual occurrence. Unfortunately, official statistics tell a very different story.

Home Office figures show that in the 2016/17 reporting period, Fire and Rescue services in England attended 15,815 ‘primary fires’ in non-dwelling buildings – more than 300 a week. These incidents resulted in 17 fatalities and 892 non-fatal casualties.

The data also demonstrated that any type of building could suffer a blaze, with 656 fires in hospitals, 686 in education premises and 1,725 in shops, alongside the 2,112 at industrial sites where risks are perhaps higher due to the nature of the work undertaken.

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Workplace explosions and fires have the highest casualty rate compared to other possible workplace accidents. These explosions and fires are usually caused by faulty electric wirings and improper storage of combustible materials. These can cause burns, deformity and can greatly affect one’s respiratory system after smoke inhalation.

Knowing the usual causes of workplace fire can help the employers and employees to prevent it from happening.

Every workplace in Northamptonshire and surrounding areas should have a fire extinguisher. It should always be fully charged and ready to use in case of fire. There are different kinds of fire extinguishers: water, powder, foam, CO2, and wet chemical. These extinguishers should be strategically placed where they are most likely to be used, and for easy access. Everyone in the workplace should be trained on how to use these during fire drills and training. Read more about Fire Extinguisher Training here.

Listed below are the common causes of fire in the workplace:

  • Neglect or poor maintenance of electric wirings that result in short circuits
  • Improper waste storage and disposal can be a fuel for fires. They can also block possible exits
  • Cooking appliances or any heating appliances can be a source of fire when placed near combustible materials or furniture
  • Arson makes up a large percentage of fires caused on business premises, and can cause devastating consequences to a company
  • Human error. From using equipment incorrectly to not reporting faulty machinery, accidents can easily occur without the proper training in place
  • Smoking employees who discard cigarette or matches carelessly

Want to know about how Fire Safety Training courses can protect your business and employees?

Head here for some more information about Fire Safety Training in NorthamptonshireWellingboroughKettering, and surrounding towns.


"ISE Fire have been looking after the maintenance of our fire alarm system as well as our fire extinguishers for a number of years. I have found the team very professional and efficient. In a Hotel environment, an urgent response is extremely important and ISE Fire have always been very quick to deal with emergency calls. I have no hesitation in recommending ISE Fire."

Valerie Hazelton, Owner, Rushton Hall Hotel and Spa

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