If a fire broke out in your business, how would you react? Could you recognise potential fire flash points? Do the people in your business know how to cope with a fire? When a fire happens, you have a much better chance of survival if you know what to do, and your business stands a better chance too. Of course the best option is to prevent a fire from happening in the first place, by being aware of the causes of fire.


When you have Fire Safety Training not only do you get a better understanding of how to deal with fires, but how to prevent them in the first place. We offer three types of Fire Safety Training to protect you, your employees, and your business, school or college:

  • Fire Extinguisher Live Training.
  • Fire Awareness Training.
  • Fire Warden Training.

The training is both classroom-based and practical, after all there is no point in knowing what to do, without the practice of how to do it. Our courses give you hands-on training using our live fire simulation trainer where you tackle a real controlled fire.

Our courses are tailored to your needs and we will visit you on-site to carry out the training at your business premises in Northamptonshire, Milton Keynes, and surrounding areas (or you are welcome to visit us if you prefer). By investing in training for your employees, you not only protect them but everyone else there too, from customers to pupils. When everyone knows what to do, you’ll have a safer and happier place to work.


During COVID-19, we are now offering online fire safety training to businesses in Northamptonshire, surrounding areas, and Milton Keynes. Get in touch today to find out more about keeping your business safe, and your staff fire safety trained, today.


All course attendees get a certificate of competence too, so you know you are fire safe. So get in touch today and find out how we can help. We love to answer any questions you may have and talk through which training is right for you.
Call 01933 677125 or 01908 698880 for a chat about fire safety or to book a course.


Harvey has been delivering training courses on behalf of ISE Fire Protection since 2005, ensuring that courses are informative and enjoyable for all participants. His special focus is the practical part of the courses, using the Live Fire Unit, ensuring that everyone understands how and when a fire extinguisher should be used.

Harvey’s knowledge of fire training is shared in a classroom environment through the use of DVD’s, PowerPoint presentations and question / answer sessions, culminating in a short questionnaire to check your knowledge. Whether at your premises, or with us, Harvey loves to share his knowledge on fire and fire safety.


If a fire happened would you know which fire extinguisher to use, how to hold it and use it effectively? For most people, the answer will be no.

Our fire extinguisher training not only teaches you about the different types of fire extinguishers, but also which fires to use them on, and then let you have a go at putting out a real fire on our mobile fire trainer. This is the best way to be prepared for the worst, with real experience, so there are no surprises. Be prepared with our Live Extinguisher Training.


The best way to survive a fire is to prevent one in the first place. With Fire Awareness Training you learn to recognise the triggers for a fire, how fires can start, and how you can prevent them from happening. Learn how to behave when a fire breaks out so you know the right things to do and keep the situation calm.

Plus, you get real experience in putting out a fire in our real fire training simulator. Prevent fires before they start. And if a fire should start, you and the people around you will be ready.


Fire Safety Guidelines requires that for every twenty employees, one needs to be appointed as fire warden, with another person acting as their deputy. Our Fire Warden Training equips you to carry out this role effectively covering fire extinguishers and blankets, hose reels and creating emergency plans. Plus, you get to use our real fire training simulator for experience in using fire extinguishers. Give yourself the best fire safety protection by coming on a Fire Wardens Course.


Our training took place yesterday! And I have to say everyone is talking about it today. They thoroughly enjoyed the sessions carried out by Harvey and the information was easy to understand. Many thanks and best wishes.

I just wanted to extend my thanks to Harvey for our training today. It was informative and fun and we all learnt a lot.