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What is a Fire Risk Assessment?

A Fire Risk Assessment is an organised and methodical look at your premises.

The assessment identifies and analyses the activities carried out on the premises, and the likelihood that a fire could start and cause harm to those in and around the premises.

The aims of a Fire Risk Assessment are:

  • To identify the Fire Hazards
  • To reduce the risk of those hazards causing harm to as low as reasonably practicable
  • To decide what physical Fire Precautions and Management Arrangements are necessary to ensure the safety of people in your premises, if a fire does start

A Fire Risk Assessment will identify what you need to do to prevent fire and keep people safe.

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Does your business need a Fire Risk Assessment? 

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All buildings / premises / structures and open spaces that the public can access (including employees) requires a written Fire Risk Assessment, carried out by a Competent Person.

These can include:

  • Offices and Shops
  • Care Premises – Hospitals, Care Homes, Residential Homes etc.
  • Community Spaces – Village Halls, Places of Worship and other shared premises
  • Shared Properties – HIMO's, Communal Areas of Flats, Student Accommodation
  • Pubs, Clubs and Restaurants
  • Nurseries, Schools and Sports Centres
  • Tents and Marquees
  • Holiday Accommodation - Hotels, Hostels, Bed and Breakfasts
  • Factories and Warehouses
  • Transport Premises
  • Theatre, Cinemas and Concert Halls
  • Sleeping Accommodation

Whether your school or business premises is located in NorthamptonMilton KeynesBedfordLeicesterHuntingdonCorbyDaventry, Brackley or surrounding Northamptonshire towns, a written Fire Risk Assessment must be maintained if your business employs FIVE or more people.


Who will check if I don't carry out a Fire Risk Assessment?

The onus to have an up-to-date Fire Risk Assessment falls to the Responsible Person (the owner or person who has control of the premises).

Often insurance companies insist on a suitable and sufficient Fire Risk Assessment.

Who conducts Fire Risk Assessments?

Our in-house, highly experienced Fire Risk Assessor Sarah carries out the Fire Risk Assessments for all our clients.

As a professional risk assessor, Sarah is fully versed in all of the most recent guidelines and legal requirements to keep your business fully compliant at all times.

We do not sub-contract out our Fire Risk Assessment work, valuing the vast experience Sarah has, along with the excellent customer service. Sarah is an Associate Member of the Institute of Fire Engineers, a very well regarded qualification.

Many companies will only accept Fire Risk Assessments undertaken by Assessors with this qualification.

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ISE Fire engineer performing an Fire Risk Assessment by inspecting a fire extinguisher.

ISE fire have provided us with an outstanding service and always had very quick response times to our queries. As we have now moved into our brand new building having their expertise on site to ensure we are compliant was incredibly beneficial.

Wootton Park School - Business Manager -

All of our Fire Risk Assessments identify the following:

  • The use, layout, and construction of the building
  • The number of occupants
  • The needs of vulnerable people, for example the elderly, young children or those with disabilities
  • Electrical source of ignition and other significant sources of ignition, relevant to that business or premises.
  • Smoking risk
  • Arson risk
  • Housekeeping and appropriate storage of combustible materials, waste or hazardous materials
  • Checking the building has reasonable means of escape for the persons occupying the premises
  • Adequate means of raising the alarm in case of fire
  • Emergency lighting provision
  • Measures to limit fire spread - Passive and Active Fire Precautions (Fire-rated walls and doors and Fire Alarm Systems)
  • Provision of fire safety signs
  • Fire-fighting equipment
  • Fire safety training
  • Evacuation drills
  • Maintenance and testing for fire safety systems
  • Maintenance of records for Fire Alarm System, Emergency Lights, Fire Extinguishers, Sprinklers, Fire Drills, Fire Awareness TrainingFire Warden Training, Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Annual Check
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Industries we provide with Fire Risk Assessments


Providing fire protection services such as fire risk assessments to office buildings, retail stores, and other types of commercial properties.


ISE Fire have years of experience providing fire risk assessments to schools, collages, universities and educational facilities.


Fire risk assessments for manufacturing centres, warehouses, garages, and other industrial spaces.


We provide comprehensive fire risk assessments for hotels, restaurants, kitchens, cafeterias, and other hospitality establishments to address their fire safety needs.

Energy & Utilities

Serving the fire safety requirements of power plants, processing facilities, water treatment plants, and various other industrial facilities by offering extensive fire risk assessments.


We offer fire risk assessments tailored for delivery couriers, trucking companies, public transportation (including buses and trains), taxi fleets, and other transportation infrastructure providers.


We specialise in fire risk assessments tailored for healthcare and research facilities, including hospitals, clinics, pharmacies, laboratories, and research institutions.


We address the fire safety needs of various residential settings, including houses, flats, student housing, assisted living facilities, shelters, and provide tailored fire risk assessments.

IT & Data Centres

We specialise in addressing the fire safety needs of data centres, server farms, computer labs, and other IT facilities, offering comprehensive fire risk assessments.

Northants, Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Leicestershire and beyond!

We regularly visit areas around the Midlands and have a distribution of ISE Fire locations throughout the region. This makes us the ideal choice for routine servicing, training, and other specific local needs.

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There are a number of common factors which can impact the cost of your Fire Risk Assessment.

Costs can vary from approx. £295 – £600, depending on the size of business, employees, and much more.

For a quick no-obligation quotation, please contact us today.

ISE Fire Risk Assessments generally take 2-3 hours, but this is dependent on the size of your building.

Your Fire Risk Assessment report will usually be with you within 10 working days.

Absolutely. When we provide Fire Risk Assessments, you will be issued with a professional report, which documents your fire safety compliance.

UK legislation states that Fire Risk Assessments should be reviewed "regularly".

Our standard recommendation is that an FRA should be carried out at least yearly at a business premises. For some premises, however, this may not be often enough.

To find out more, please contact us today.

Fire Risk Assessments are a legal requirement. The Responsible Person must ensure a suitably competent person completes a Fire Risk Assessment (and subsequent reviews) of your premises. This identifies what you need to do to prevent fire and keep people safe.

If there's a fire and you haven't met your legal duties to keep people safe, you could be fined and may even spend time in prison.

Your local Fire Office has the authority to carry out unannounced visits to your premises, which may result in a formal notice if they deem the risk to life unacceptable.

You must keep a written record of your fire risk assessment if your business has 5 or more people.

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