Fire safety products & services for your industry


Office buildings, retail stores, and other types of commercial properties can have a large number of occupants, which increases the risk of fire.


Industry and manufacturing may involve hazardous materials and processes that increase the risk of fire.


Healthcare facilities face unique fire hazards, including flammable chemicals, oxygen-rich environments, and potential patient mobility issues.


Transportation presents fire hazards involving fuel, engines, electrical systems, and cargo containing hazardous materials.

Energy & Utilities

The energy industry may face electrical fires, gas leaks, and hazards from combustible materials used in power generation.

Data Centres

Data centers can see hazards from overheating servers, electrical malfunctions, and flammable materials used in cooling systems and batteries.


Schools and universities must be aware of fire hazards such as unattended lab experiments, outdated electrical systems, and cooking appliances.


Residential properties face fire hazards such as cooking equipment, heating appliances, electrical wiring, and smoking materials.


The hospitality industry faces fire hazards such as commercial kitchens, smoking areas, heating equipment, and large numbers of guests in confined spaces.

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