About ISE Fire

An expert team to keep your business safe.

ISE Fire provides comprehensive fire protection solutions for your business. Our services include fire extinguishers, fire alarms, routine maintenance, and fire safety training tailored for your environment Our professional team has the expertise and knowledge to ensure your business remains compliant, safe, and secure. Trust us to keep your business safe from fire hazards.

ISE Fire Team.

ISE Fire are officially registered with:

  • BAFE (British Approvals for Fire Equipment)
    • BAFE SP101 Fire Extinguishers BAFE
    • SP203-1 for Fire Alarms
  •  ISO 9001 registered
  • Members of FIA (Fire Industry Association) CIS Certification

ISE fire have provided us with an outstanding service and always had very quick response times to our queries. As we have now moved into our brand new building having their expertise on site to ensure we are compliant was incredibly beneficial.

Wootton Park School - Business Manager -

The ISE Fire protection team

Nigel Bates writing.

Nigel Bates


Sharon Lane.

Sharon Lane


Bev Odell.

Bev Odell


Jennifer Thomas.

Jennifer Thomas


Tina Brimley.

Tina Brimley


Laura Roberts.

Laura Roberts


Sarah Brown.

Sarah Brown

Fire Risk Assessor

Harvey Miller.

Harvey Miller

Fire Safety Trainer

Fire alarm planner Jack Bates - ISE Fire.

Jack Bates

Fire Alarm Planner


Ashley Pitt

Fire Alarm Engineer

Martin Reaney.

Martin Reaney

Fire Alarm Engineer

Paul Bean.

Paul Bean

Fire Alarm Engineer

Andrew Stearn.

Andrew Stearn

Fire Extinguisher Engineer

Phil Smith.

Phil Smith

Fire Extinguisher Engineer

Michael Berwick.

Michael Berwick

Fire Extinguisher Engineer

Bev Drake.

Bev Drake

Fire Extinguisher Engineer


Mike Kiziak

Health and Safety Manager


Julie Bates



Sarah May