Fire Risk Assessment Guide

Does your business need a fire risk assessment? What does it involve? Follow our quick guide to find out:

Who needs a Fire Risk Assessment?

Almost all buildings / premises / structures and even open spaces that the public can access (including employees) require a fire risk assessment. These include:

  • Offices and Shops
  • Care premises – Hospitals, Care homes etc.
  • Community spaces – Village halls, Places of worship and other shared premises
  • Shared properties – also check housing laws
  • Pubs, Clubs and Restaurants
  • Schools and Sports Centres
  • Tents and Marquees
  • Hotels, Hostels, Bed and Breakfasts
  • Holiday accommodation
  • Factories and Warehouse

Remember you can be held personally liable if you are found to be negligent in the event of an incident. If in doubt get professional advice!

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Who will check if I don’t carry out a Fire Risk Assessment?

The local fire authority is responsible for checking your premises. They have the authority to carry out unannounced visits to premises to check fire safety, and can give you a formal notice to improve your fire safety. If you do not meet the minimum standards your insurance can also be invalidated.