How much does it cost for a UK commercial fire alarm installation?


Published: February 25, 2021

smoke detector.

If you are looking to get fire alarm installers to install a fire alarm in your business premises, it could cost around £12.00 per m² approximately, typically based on an L1 system with Dual Com Monitoring.

The cost of a fire alarm installation is very much dependent on the size of your premises, and of course, how many fire alarms are required by law to be installed.

The key factors affecting the cost of a fire alarm system and installation in the UK include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Size of business and type
  • Level of alarm system required
  • Analogue or addressable alarm
  • The time it takes to install

Commercial fire alarm systems by their nature are more complex and expensive systems to install. They generally cover much larger spaces and involve more zones than a domestic fire alarm system, as such the prices will often vary considerably.

What should I consider when installing a new fire alarm system?

  • The installation purpose 

  • The people who will be using the system - the fire alarm system should meet the specification and risks of the people who will be using them

  • Maintenance - Maintenance costs must be factored into the installation as an ongoing, essential cost

  • Prices - shop around for fair and competitive prices for your commercial fire alarm installation

Does my commercial building need a fire alarm?

Most buildings that are not domestic, as of the 2005 fire safety order, require to be equipped with an appropriate amount of fire-fighting equipment and possibly incorporate fire detectors and alarms throughout the building. Chances are, if you are an owner, landlord or occupier of a business, it is a requirement for you to have a fire alarm system installed.

British Standards defines the category of fire alarm systems for a specific risk. The experienced ISE Fire safety team will be able to advise you and develop a Fire Risk Assessment strategy that will meet your specific risk.

smoke detector.

Does my business need fire alarm monitoring?

Monitoring your fire alarm system gives you peace of mind.

67% of fires in businesses occur outside of working hours*, so having 24-hour fire alarm monitoring ensures that your business is safe from fires every day of the year.

Our Dual Com system keeps a 24-hour watch on any and every fire alarm you have installed, and the second a fault is seen the appropriate action is taken immediately.

* Office of the Deputy Prime Minster, Fire Statistics

"We had a new fire alarm system installed at The Silverstone Branch Surgery in June. The 2 men worked for 3 days in a busy GP practice and completed the task exceptionally well. They worked without disturbing the staff and patients, whilst considering the extreme difficulties with the Corona Virus precautions as well.

The work was completed on time and all cleared and tidy when they left.

The staff said the 2 engineers were very pleasant and they didn’t know they were there!

Nigel at head office coordinated the work well and was always easy to contact. I would recommend the company to anyone."

Ann Waters, Practice Manager of Brook Health Care Centre

Fire alarm system.

Do my offices need smoke detectors?

Commercial buildings, and therefore, business offices, are required by law to have adequate safety measures in place. These safety measures should:

  • Detect fire

  • Alert occupants to a fire or fire risk

  • Notify occupants to take action in the event of a fire

Smoke alarms are one of the essential safety features that business offices and commercial premises should have.

Can I get a free business survey to assess my fire risk?

You certainly can.

At ISE, we are committed to customer satisfaction and happiness.

We therefore offer a free visit to survey your business premises, and advice given on fire safety equipment, bespoke to your business needs. We don’t believe in pushy sales, as we prefer to build long term relationships with our clients, and will always offer competitive quotes.

If you have questions about fire alarms, or fire safety, get in touch with us todayFill in the quick online form to discuss your Fire Safety needs today!

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