Fire Alarms for Factories


Published: October 29, 2020


Businesses which operate in a factory setting can be considered to be high risk for fire safety.

Fires typically happen as the result of an unforseen problem with a process or due to somebody’s carelessness. The level of risk depends on the processes being carried out, and the number of occupants while the factory premises are occupied.

To give the very best chance at preventing a fire in your factory, ISE Fire specialise in servicing, monitoring and installing fire alarms systems in factories and offer a 24 hour telephone and call out service, 365 days a year.

We are here to help our customers if they need it!

Our response to all call outs is very quick if required, and often within 2 to 3 hours.

Typically, the ISE Fire team only work within a 1 hour radius of Wellingborough, so our engineers are always local to help solve fire alarm faults.

FMH Conveyors in Corby have just recently started using ISE Fire to service their system and make upgrades to their fire system including:

  • new panels
  • call points
  • remote indicators
  • fused spurs and smoke detectors
  • configuring and commissioning

ISE Fire are BAFE 3rd party accredited, SP203, design, installation, commissioning, handover and maintenance of fire systems.

Other factories where we carry out servicing of fire systems in Corby are:

PDI (EMEA), AVK UK Ltd, Solidus Solutions, Berry Global, Rulmeca, TQ Pearson, to mention a few.


How can ISE Fire help?

For your factory business in Wellingborough, Milton Keynes and Northamptonshire, our experienced fire safety team can take care of all your fire safety needs.

ISE Fire can provide a clear, prioritised action plan to assist implementation. We work closely with you and will tailor our solutions to the needs and constraints of your organisation.

Enquire about a fire risk assessment today.

Whether you require a new system installed, a system upgrade, or simply a routine service and maintenance, ISE Fire can help you. Dependent on your factory or warehouse type, we can provide any fire alarm system that you require. Our experienced and qualified engineers are here to ensure that you comply with all relevant safety standards.

Call us on 01933 677125/01908 698880 or fill in the quick online form to discuss your factory business building fire risk requirements today.

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