Working with The Falcon Hotel


Published: December 23, 2016

Falcon hotel.

At ISE Fire we’ve been working with the Falcon Hotel for many years. As a long-term supplier, we often visit the team in Uppingham, providing the essential fire services, including;

  • regularly service of their fire extinguishers
  • service and maintenance of their fire alarm system
  • service of emergency lights
  • provision of a fire risk assessment
  • fire training to all the staff.

As part of the service provided to the Falcon Hotel, we ensure all fire extinguishers are compliant with the latest legislation and in full working order. The inspections are carried out by our own ISE Fire engineers who are fully trained, uniformed and equipped with the right equipment needed on the day. We ensure that all pins and tags are changed every year and that all maintenance labels are vinyl and completed with an indelible pen.

Outside the falcon hotel.

Fire risk assessments have been carried out at the hotel, by our own qualified assessor. As an on-going service to Falcon Hotel, we regularly service and maintain their fire alarm system ensuring that it is always ready for action and protecting their business. Regular servicing of the fire system ensures it is ready for action, should a real fire break out. Having a fire alarm system serviced regularly reduces the possibility of faults occurring which may cause a false alarm of the fire system We also service the emergency lighting at the hotel, annually, which is necessary to assist the guests and staff at the hotel to evacuate the building, should the need arise.

As part of our on-going service with Falcon Hotel, we have been providing regular fire training to the staff, which is both classroom training and hands-on training using live fire simulations where delegates are taught how to tackle a controlled fire.

Falcon hotel are pleased with the services we provide and have kindly made the following comment:

“Very good, very happy. Trustworthy and quick” – Falcon Hotel.

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