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Published: December 9, 2016

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You Won’t Believe What Happens to This Christmas Tree

The NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) has released this shocking video showing how quickly a real Christmas tree can catch fire. In the video, you can see a spark underneath the tree quickly turning into flames that engulf the tree and reach the ceiling, and within a matter of seconds the fire spreads to the armchair.

After watching the video, we decided a blog post focusing on Christmas fire safety was called for. As families across the Midlands prepare for the holiday season, ISE fire recommends following these Christmas fire safety tips:

Christmas Tree.

Christmas Trees

As the video above clearly demonstrates, live Christmas trees can be a fire hazard, especially if they are very dry. When choosing your real Christmas tree, look for signs that it has been freshly cut. These include; strong green needles that are hard to pull off the branches and a trunk that is sticky to the touch. Whether your tree is real or artificial, keep it away from any sources of heat such as candles, fireplaces or radiators.

Christmas lights.

Christmas Lights

Fairy lights and other decorative lights are a great way to brighten up the long winter nights, but be sensible about where and how you use them. When getting them out of storage, check and replace any blown bulbs, and make sure you’re using the right type of fuse (the box will state the recommended fuse size). Never leave your lights on when you’re out of the house, and don’t drape them over or near items that could burn easily. Finally, be sure not to overload your sockets with multiple plugs or extension cords.

Christmas Decoration.

Christmas Decorations

We all have our favourite Christmas decorations, and some of them are decades old! Hand-made decorations are a lovely touch, but usually made from highly, flammable material like paper or tissue paper, so be sure not to place them near any sources of heat. If you’re buying new decorations this year, get them from a reputable source.

Candle icon.

There are few things more festive than gently glowing candlelight. Candles give a lovely atmosphere but need to be treated with respect - they are one of the most common causes of house fires. Always place your candles on a stable surface and keep them out of the reach of children and pets. As with Christmas lights, never leave them on when you leave a room.

Stay safe this festive season, and have a very Merry Christmas, from all of us at ISE Fire.

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