Planning on office downsizing? Fire safety tips


Published: May 24, 2023

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With remote and hybrid working a regular occurrence post-pandemic, you may find that your business premises are a little large for your needs. 

If you're planning to downsize your office, there are some key considerations to ensuring that your fire compliance requirements are met.

Fire Safety Checks: Moving into a new office

If you own the building, you’ll be the responsible person, whereas if you’re renting or leasing, you’ll need to establish who is responsible for the building while taking responsibility for your company practices.

The landlord may be responsible for the fire alarm and emergency lighting maintenance and servicing for the building, but the tenant may still have the responsibility of checking the systems on a weekly basis. The tenant should also ensure periodic servicing of safety equipment provided by the landlord is carried out, so don’t forget to ask for, and keep updated, the service records for these.

Fire Risk Assessments 

Regardless of premises, you'll need a current fire risk assessment for your new office location. 

Whether your school or business premises is located in WellingboroughNorthamptonKetteringMilton KeynesBedford, Leicester or surrounding Northamptonshire towns, a written Fire Risk Assessment must be maintained if your business employees FIVE or more people.

Our in-house, highly experienced Fire Risk Assessor Sarah carries out the Fire Risk Assessments for all our clients.

As a professional risk assessor, Sarah is fully versed in all of the most recent guidelines and legal requirements to keep your business fully compliant at all times.

Fire Escape Plan 

A new office means new geography for your staff to learn, so a new fire evacuation plan is vital. A robust fire evacuation plan helps ensure that everyone knows what to do and where to go in the event of a fire. Never assume that you can simply carry the same plan over to a different office space.

Fire Alarms, Fire Extinguishers, and Fire Wardens 

Fire Wardens

Having staff members in your new premises who are trained to lead fire safety for your business will help establish best practices. If you already have trained members of staff, it’s always worth considering refresher training to meet the needs of your new premises – particularly if your operations or staff levels have changed.

Fire Alarms

You should first establish with your landlord as to whether there is a fire alarm system in place. Seek out professional assistance if you require a new fire alarm system or if you wish to have the system already there inspected and maintained. 

Fire Extinguishers 

There may already be something in place regarding fire extinguishers and a servicing agreement. If there isn’t – or if you feel unsure about whether the units provided are adequate for your business – then seek professional guidance. This is important as what is deemed appropriate for the previous tenant, might not meet the needs of another.

Fire Safety Checks: Leaving your old office

When it's time to leave your old office, you can always leave certain things in place for the next tenants. It will then be up to them to decide whether this meets their needs or whether they need brand new equipment and systems to meet their fire safety requirements.

A fire risk assessment is not something you can pass over to incoming tenants as it has to be conducted uniquely for your business, but leaving behind a copy of your evacuation plan as a starting point, and highlighting where key fire safety equipment is can be a huge help to those moving into the space as they get started.

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