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Published: February 19, 2021

Man installing on ceiling.

A successful fire alarm installation near me - Hoton Stores in Loughborough

Instructed by Budworth Hardcastle, Property Managers, Surveyors & Consultants to carry out a Fire Risk Assessment on 14th October 2020 for their clients Hoton Stores in Loughborough, and as part of the risk assessment, our assessor Sarah Brown recommended a L1 level fire alarm installation with 24 hour monitoring.

ISE Fire have 3rd party BAFE Approved SP203 accreditation for servicing, and for design, installation and commissioning of fire alarm systems. The installation was completed in 2 weeks with the fire alarm system being monitored by a Dualcom® radio/radio module.

The handover was carried out on January 19th 2021 by Paul Bean, our fire alarm engineer/ surveyor/ designer, who has worked for ISE Fire for 15 years.

Man installing on ceiling.

Essential fire and smoke detection for your business

As we provided for Hoton Stores, our ISE Fire team can ensure your business premises are protected and safe from fire, by installing the latest in fire alarm detection systems with 24 hour monitoring for complete peace of mind.

Using industry-leading technology in fire alarm systems which have sophisticated sensors, we can monitor your workplace for the first signs of fire, whether by heat or smoke. This same technology mitigates false alarm notifications, establishing business continuity whilst safeguarding the lives of your employees and visitors.

ISE offer the following services:

  • Service your existing fire alarm system
  • Monitor the system for alarms
  • Deal with any system faults that may occur
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