Fire Alarm Systems are the first line of defence when protecting your business against the devastating effects of a fire.

Modern fire alarm systems have sophisticated sensors that monitor your workplace for the first signs of fire, whether by heat or smoke.

As a business owner, you have a legal duty of care to your employees which includes ensuring that all alarm systems are in good working order. Failing to maintain a fire alarm system could result in legal action, and your business insurance could be rendered null and void if you neglect the maintenance of your fire alarm.

Like any system, fire alarms need regular monitoring and maintenance to keep them in perfect working order. Apart from making sure the detectors are not covered or obstructed, there's little more you can do as a business owner. This is where we come in!

How we can help

ISE can service your existing fire alarm system, monitor the system for alarms and deal with any system faults that may occur. You may need to upgrade your system, in which case we can also help you to choose the right one for your business and install it for you. Additional services we provide include performing risk assessments, conducting fire safety training and installing smoke sealing products.

70% of businesses fail with three years of a major fire.

London Chambers of Commerce statistics

Fire alarm servicing

Regular servicing of your fire alarm system ensures it's always ready for action, protecting your business premises and assets. A consistent service plan will reduce faults, and call outs to fix them, plus prevent false alarms putting unnecessary worry on your staff and customers. The added bonus is, by maintaining the fire alarm system today, you will save yourself money in the long run as the system life will be extended negating the need for replacements. We can service any fire safety products regardless of the installer.

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Fire Alarm Faults

Fire alarm systems develop faults just like any other system that runs 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. When a fault happens, don't panic, just give us a call and we'll fix it for you.

Our dedication to keeping you and your business safe extends to a 24-hour fire alarm system call-out for any faults that may develop, ensuring you only ever pay the small cost of a fault find, and not pay with losing your livelihood in a fire.

Fire Alarm Monitoring

Monitoring your fire alarm system gives you peace of mind. 67% of fires in businesses occur outside of working hours* so having 24-hour fire alarm monitoring ensures that your business if safe from fires every day of the year. Our Redcare system keeps a 24-hour watch on any and every fire alarm you have installed, and the second a fault is seen the appropriate action is taken immediately.

This gives you the best protection possible all the time - one less thing to worry about.

* Office of the Deputy Prime Minster, Fire Statistics