Fire Alarm Installation & Servicing in Kettering

Mar 22, 2021

Does your business fire alarm system need upgrading?

The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005

To comply with the RRO, your premises, equipment and devices must be regularly maintained by a competent person – which, of course, includes your fire alarm system.

Expanding on this is the guidance set out in the relevant British Standard: BS 5839, which recommends fire alarm detection systems are inspected by a competent person at least twice a year.

This image below shows a 12 zone panel with 4 sounder circuits.

As a BAFE 3rd party approved company, the certification is as neat as our engineer Martin’s wiring!

The before...and after!

Further information on fire alarm installations in Northamptonshire and surrounding towns can be found in the blog articles below:

Using industry-leading technology in fire alarm systems which have sophisticated sensors, we can monitor your workplace for the first signs of fire, whether by heat or smoke.

This same technology mitigates false alarm notifications, establishing business continuity whilst safeguarding the lives of your employees and visitors.

Like any system, fire alarms need regular monitoring and maintenance to keep them in perfect working order. Apart from making sure the detectors are not covered or obstructed, there's little more you can do as a business owner.

This is where we come in!

Our highly qualified and experienced fire alarm system engineers ensure fire and safety with fire protection services with addressable fire alarm systems.

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