Case Study with Christchurch College, Oxford


Published: August 6, 2020

Christchurch college, landscape photo..

ISE Fire started servicing the fire extinguishers at Christchurch in 2005, nearly 470 years after it was re-founded by Henry VIII in 1546.

It was to be the cathedral church for the new diocese as well as a place of scholarship. ISE service the extinguishers in the Cathedral this is how it looks today. Nearly 100 years later, Charles I stayed in Christchurch for almost 4 years, its Great Hall an ideal venue for Parliament.

ISE service extinguishers in all these locations today and have been doing do for 14 years - with the 2020 service having just been completed by our long-standing engineer Bevan Drake and assisted by Phil Smith resulting in the latest testimonial.

Christchurch College, Oxford inside.
Christchurch college Page.

When his sons Charles II was restored to the throne in 1660, Tom Quad and Tom Tower were finally finished – designed by Sir Christopher Wren.

Other interesting information, thirteen prime ministers have been educated here (more than any other college), including the great Victorian Liberal William Gladstone. John Locke, philosopher and campaigner for religious toleration, taught here, and Lewis Carroll wrote about Alice in Wonderland while Mathematical Lecturer here.

Christchurch college, Oxford outside.

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