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Published: July 15, 2021

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What is the FIA UK?

The FIA (Fire Safety Association) are a key figure in the promotion of fire safety in the UK, ensuring that professional standards are met and regulated by fire safety professionals across the board.

Working closely with the government and official bodies, the FIA provides technical support and guidance for their trade association members.

The Fire Industry Association are the largest fire protection trade association based in the UK, currently with a membership of over 950.

A not-for-profit organisation, the FIA are a major provider of fire safety training in the UK, with a focus on improving fire protection methods, services and apparatus.

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What is FIA training?

The training offered by the FIA is developed to assist fire safety professionals with career development, and staying relevant with the latest changes to the standards of fire protection.

All technical aspects of fire protection training courses are provided, from fundamentals to advanced qualifications.

What is a FIA qualification?

The FIA provides 4 qualifications of an advanced nature encompassing:

  • Design
  • Install
  • Maintenance
  • Commissioning

The qualifications which are offered by the FIA are nationally regulated, and compiled by industry leaders:

  • The FIA AO Level 3 in Fire Detection and Alarm Design Theory and Regulatory Requirements

  • The FIA AO Level 3 in Fire Detection and Alarm Installation, Theory and Regulatory Requirements

  •  The FIA AO Level 3 in Fire Detection and Alarm Maintenance, Theory and Regulatory Requirements

  • The FIA AO Level 3 in Fire Detection and Alarm Commissioning Theory and Regulatory Requirements

How do you conduct fire safety training?

The fire safety training provided by the team at ISE Fire includes:

  • Fire extinguisher live training
  • Fire awareness training
  • Fire warden training

All fire safety training information is here.

How do I get BAFE accreditation?

The BAFE Scheme is a set of comprehensive competency requirements.

These requirements have been developed to incorporate the high quality standards and best working practice for services within the fire safety industry.

How do I become a member of the FIA?

To become an FIA member, and be promoted in their comprehensive business directory, Third Party Certification (TPC) is a requirement.

You can find out more about the criteria needed to become an FIA member here.

Further resources about workplace fire safety, including how best you can protect your Northamptonshire business can be found here:

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