Fires break out, spread and do most damage when systems fail.

If your fire planning is based around extinguishers alone, then you are putting your staff and business at risk.

UK Fire Regulations outline which fire extinguishers are needed in any workplace, based upon a fire risk assessment. Using the incorrect extinguisher can make a fire grow, propagate or spread, further endangering your staff.

This is why it is so important to have the correct extinguishers for your business - AND proper training in their identification and use.

Fire Extinguisher Servicing – It's The law

Fire Extinguishers lose their effectiveness over time and can become damaged or misplaced, so they need to be inspected regularly. The law says extinguishers should be inspected at least once a year, so this is the frequency we work to.

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Fire Safety Products - Helping You Stay Safe

Ise Fire stock (and can advise on) a huge range of Fire Safety Products.
Fire Safety Products include fire signage, emergency lighting, alert call points and other fire fighting equipment such as hose reels.
These products are required by law in order to minimize risk to your staff and premises.
As research takes place and technologies develop, the various regulations do change, so you need to ensure you are both compliant and fire safe.
Compliance with UK law does not have to be expensive, or a burden on your business.  Being compliant not only reduces risk, but also gives a confidence to your staff and customers that you care.

Fire Safety Signage

If a fire does start, clear, easy to follow signage will help people to remain calm and deal with the situation effectively – either by fighting the fire, or evacuating the building. Remember, if in doubt, get out.

Alert Call Points

Our own range of battery-powered Alert Call Points can be used on construction and other temporary/dynamic sites as a way of raising a fire alarm. They are adaptable, strong and durable and can be linked to each other for added security.

Emergency Lighting

To evacuate your building safely, you may need to install emergency lighting. If you have it installed, it needs to be checked and tested periodically.

Hose Reels

Hose reels are a vital part of fire safety equipment. As such, they should be inspected, tested and serviced regularly. In case of a fire, you need a reliable, consistent and powerful spray, not a dribble.

Intumescent Fire Protection Products

Q: What are intumescent products?
A: Hidden fire protection barriers.
Intumescent products are built into the fabric / structure of a building to either delay or stop fire from spreading. These can be designed into a new building, or post-fitted to an existing one.
Intumescents can be used to protect escape routes, in effect “buying time” for everyone to escape, or to contain a fire, limiting damage and allowing you to recover more quickly with less disruption to your activities.

For more information about intumescent products, please click here

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